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Android 4.1
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MEEFF is an Android application for communication with Koreans.

Communication with Koreans

The free utility is a social network with the ability to create a profile and add various photos. Most of the users are Koreans. Here you can meet interesting people and make an appointment. Registration is available to all users.

You can search for people nearby or select detailed criteria for selecting people to talk to. All user profiles are sorted in the form of a tape. People can find out brief information about the person and see the available photos in the profile.

The target audience

First of all, the application is designed for Koreans. Residents of other countries can find new friends and practice communicating in Korean. Every day, the application creates a selection of interesting people who may be suitable for communicating.

Making account

Users can quickly create an account. To do this, you can use e-mail or the widget to synchronize with Facebook. You can indicate your knowledge of languages when filling out a personal questionnaire. It will help in communicating with other people.

Also, a section with wishes in terms of finding friends is available to users. You can choose the most important criteria for yourself. People can view visitors to his account for the whole day. There is also a section with favorite visitors. You can like their photos and start chatting. All dialogs can be deleted to the basket and restored within a month.


  • a social network for finding friends from South Korea;
  • the ability to chat with new friends online;
  • daily lists of interesting people;
  • the utility is available free of charge for download and registration;
  • compatibility with relevant versions of Android.
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