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Android 4.4 and above
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Control Your Life

Meerkat is a universal application on Android that helps you with various daily activities. You can find the nearest restaurants and shops for shopping. Unique algorithms help you keep track of the most favorable energy rates, help you find the best car insurance or additional services. Use the app catalog to find nearby restaurants for dinner or lunch. You can also use this application to order tickets at the cinema or extend insurance. 

Also, the application will help you find the best credit card and arrange the entire procedure automatically. Use information about energy providers so as not to overpay for the use of this tariff. The application has a simple interface and helps to find many exciting options to simplify your daily life. Also, the app is suitable for all family people who want to use more choices and enjoy the ability to control it and aspects of your life.

Perfect Assistant

A vital feature of this application is the automatic processing of various tasks. You can keep track of the best credit card offers, renew your credit insurance, and various financial documents. Now you have a personal assistant who will help you in any financial matters. You can find the best deal and use them online. Take advantage of a single notification center to keep abreast of all current features. This software will help you simplify your life and find many exciting offers in one click. Find nearby restaurants or the best movie tickets. Now you will become closer to the latest cinema and can see many impressive blockbusters.

App Features

  • find your favorite cafe & restaurants on Android;
  • get the online cinema ticket;
  • new car insurance abilities;
  • best credit card offering & energy savings alert;
  • set-up reminders to pay for the insurance.
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