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Android 4.4 and above
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MeetU is a social application where you can meet interesting people and make an appointment. This Android program is suitable for single people and those who want to find new friends and acquaintances. Also, this mini social network is suitable for searching for a soulmate and love affairs. The process of finding interesting people is straightforward. The program analyzes all located near you and offers you different results depending on your preferences. You can mark the most interesting profiles of people and choose a soul mate for yourself. 

If you don’t like any of the people, you can flip through their profile and choose the next option. As soon as you mark a person, and he does the same, you can immediately begin to communicate and continue communication in real life. A convenient system of correspondence will help you make an appointment, get to know, and flirt without restrictions.

Find Interesting People

If you want to meet interesting people and find a partner, then this application is perfect for your purposes. It is very easy to meet online. You do not need to come up with beautiful phrases, interest a person in anything or find an original comment. All you need is to evaluate the photo of any person and wait for reciprocity. If someone is interested in you, you will certainly find a way to communication. Add your photos, make a description of your profile and be sure to get to know you. This application will help expand the boundaries of social activity and help you find a soul mate. Start your journey with registration and communicate with each other without restrictions.

App Features

  • social network for meeting people;
  • find interesting personalities nearby;
  • convenient interface on Android;
  • large audience around the world;
  • simple registration and filling out a profile.
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