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Meetup is a free Android application that helps you find various events and local groups to communicate and interact.

Meet with friends

It is an Android app that is designed to improve the communication of people locally. For example, you can open the application and find interesting activities in your city. For example, you can find friends of interest, a future employer or interesting people to start a relationship. You only need to download the application and find what is interesting to you. 

Choose your preferences and hobbies in this automatic application. It will show you the best locations with various activities that match your preferences. Here you can find what you like. You can communicate with people of interest to you and switch to an important event.

Create meetings

Here you can create a meeting group for free that will appeal to many people. Choose a topic and organize joint events to meet new people. Here you can find friends and like-minded people and also manage your group anywhere. Creating a group allows you to keep in touch with friends and members in order to organize various activities. 

It is worth noting that here you can open a discussion and choose various parameters for interaction, in particular, upload photos and other content. You can easily control your group and edit all the necessary parameters. The user interface is simplified so that each user can work effectively with data.


  • free application for searching interest groups;
  • choose your location and find interesting activities;
  • hobbies, sports, relationships and career prospects;
  • the ability to join groups and create your own;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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