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Additional Information
The size
70 Mb
Number of installations
Current version
3.7.2 (272)
Android version
Android 4.1 and above
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MEGA is an Android application that offers users secure cryptographic chat and cloud storage. It is a unique environment where all data is encrypted, and you should not worry about security. Here you can store files from a smartphone or any other device and view documents in the public domain. Manage files, share data, and get extra-class protection. Unique password and allow you to protect the entrance to the stocked store. In general, you can use up to 50 GB to exchange data, files, and other content. 

You can also activate a paid subscription to expand Cloud Storage to the maximum value. There are many options to get photos or data about your friends. Thanks to encrypted something, nobody will be able to find out your correspondence and many secrets. It is your reliable information transfer algorithm.

Safe Storage

Thanks to this application, you can protect your data and transfer different content to your friends. Now you can communicate with encrypted chat and transfer data without the risk of information leakage. It is a new standard in the field of crypto protection and anonymity. You can choose a free tariff or subscribe to get more cloud storage. It is worth noting that the repository provides quick access to all stored data and allows you to share links with friends. It will enable you to transfer your data to other people and share content without restrictions. Discover new content transfer options.

App Features

  • cryptographically encrypted chat on Android;
  • store and share files with friends
  • user-friendly interface and advanced functionality;
  • an advanced method of protecting user data;
  • paid and free service distribution model.
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