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37 Mb
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Current version
2.0 0.11.11
Android version
Android 4.1 and above
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Megaplan is an application for busy people, which helps to plan work tasks and automate the implementation of business processes. It consists of two independent modules: a CRM system and a task scheduler. The application is very useful when working on collective projects and is an indispensable assistant for any manager. This is a convenient multi-functional application that will solve all your basic problems.

Tasks and deeds

This Megaplan application tool helps to plan work tasks, add artists, notes, and set priority levels. Discussion of the task can be carried out collectively. There is also implemented a general corporate chat (for employees) and the ability to configure pop-up notifications about changes in the status of tasks. The Tasks and To-Do tool also serves to create graphs and charts with performance indicators.

Customers and Transactions

Another module of the Megaplan 2.0 application for Android – Clients and Transactions is designed to compile a list of customers and manage sales. It provides the ability to conveniently manage your contact list, and also serves as a kind of repository for electronic versions of documents and accounts. The Megaplan interface is as simple and intuitive as possible, and the scalability of this solution makes it possible to use it in companies with any number of employees.

App Features

  • helps manage business, sales and communications
  • allows you to create lists of tasks and add artists;
  • serves for storing correspondence, call records and electronic versions of documents;
  • provides tools for creating a sales funnel and tracking company performance;
  • available in versions for Android and other common operating systems (mobile and desktop).
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