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Meitu is an Android app that lets you edit your photos and create stunning graphic masterpieces.

Edit photos instantly

This Android application is designed for you to edit photos using advanced algorithms. At your disposal, there are a huge number of effects, filters, and various parameters that allow you to enhance photos. Develop your phone and add new effects. There are original templates and additional visual improvements. Use branded effects of applications and get a high-quality result that will surprise your friends and relatives. Now you can not worry about the final in the form of your photos.

You can remove various acne and redness on the skin, add the effect of shiny eyes, or change other elements in your photo. Add new color tones and enhance the color palette in a few clicks. Here you can mosaic or use the magic brush for visual enhancements.

World-class effects

The main advantage of this proposal is the excellent effect of editing photos and individual elements. You can significantly improve the original pictures and add new details for subsequent publication on social networks. Thanks to this application, you can radically change the color structure of the picture, add effects and filters. 

It is worth noting that the photo compression algorithm does not degrade the quality and helps to maintain its original appearance. Thanks to this, you get an excellent software package for editing your photos and creating unique images.


  • photo-editing application;
  • free templates and filters for social networks;
  • remove skin imperfections and improve appearance in one click;
  • photo enhancement using AI technology;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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