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15,3 Mb
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Android 5.0
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Melon VPN is an Android application that allows you to connect to paid and free VPN servers.

Secured connection

The application allows you to connect to a remote server to bypass the blocking of regional providers and government agencies. To connect to the server, click on the center button on the start menu.

Next, you should allow the application access to the network connection and change the IP address. As soon as the algorithm changes to no VPN address, you can see the indicator in the upper left corner. The country and current server are displayed here. You can click on the general list and select one of the free servers.

After viewing the advertisement, each user receives 5 hours of free use of the server. You can also issue a monthly subscription and gain access to the premium server. They do not work faster and do not limit the download speed.


In the lower right corner of the start menu there is a section with settings. Here you can find out about current monthly and yearly subscription rates. It is worth noting that users can cancel the paid mode at any time.

People can also share the application with friends on social networks, evaluate the application and use the proxy filter for individual utilities on your smartphone.
Access settings help unlock video services, online navigators, file sharing and social services. Sometimes the connection to the servers may be interrupted due to traffic congestion and limited usage time.


  • application for connecting to remote servers;
  • blocking regional provider locks;
  • free access for five hours after viewing ads;
  • access to VIP servers is possible after prepayment;
  • the utility is compatible with relevant versions of Android.
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