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Android 5.0 and above
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Memrise is an innovative application for learning foreign languages. Android program allows you to learn languages in a simple way. The fact is that knowledge is easiest to obtain thanks to the visual format. Here are many interesting instructional videos with native speakers that will help you adapt to the new environment and learn a foreign language quickly. 

Listen to the correct pronunciation, watch interesting videos and unusual situations that will help you remember a lot of words and phrases. All video tasks and game questions are compiled in such a way as to arouse your interest in remembering certain phrases and sentences. It is the fastest way to learn a foreign language. In addition, the application interface is very convenient and intuitive, so you can quickly learn and move on to a new and more complex task every day.

Learn Languages

The advantage of this offer is a very convenient game format that entertains a person and allows you to memorize many phrases and sentences at a subconscious level. Many video tutorials are compiled in an entertaining format so that you are not distracted and remember information faster. This is much more interesting than standard training. In addition, you learn to perceive a lively language, slang expression and non-standard phrases. It will help you message and travel. Have fun, learn many interesting phrases and become more educated. It is your ticket to the world of interesting and entertaining languages.

App Features

  • the application for learning foreign languages;
  • convenient game form of video lessons;
  • quiz games on Android for better memorization;
  • offline mode to study anywhere;
  • audio recordings for copying pronunciation.
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