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Messenger is an application that provides the ability to exchange messages with friends on the social network Facebook. This review will focus on the version of the messenger for Android devices. At one point, the functionality for communication removed from the Facebook mobile client. After that, the developers released a separate Messenger application, thanks to which users again got the opportunity to chat with their friends. 

Such a solution made it possible to slightly “lighten” the main client but led to the need to install two separate applications at once. It allows you to share messages, stickers, and files with friends on Facebook. The app supports private or group chats, and also allows you to “secret” correspondence. Besides, it works on all current versions of the Android operating system. Now you can communicate without borders.

Interface and Settings

The messenger has a friendly interface and offers a minimal set of settings. You can communicate here both in text format and invoice. The application even supports video calls, providing good quality “picture” and sound. We also note the ability to automatically “synchronize” contacts with the phone book, support for sending voice messages, and the ability to exchange stickers. The application allows you to conduct private and group dialogs. You can also create a “secret” chat, which implies the automatic deletion of messages after a specific time.

App Features

  • makes it possible to make voice and video calls;
  • requires authorization using a Facebook account;
  • the app has a stylish minimalistic interface;
  • offers to synchronize with the contact book at the first start;
  • makes it possible to play simple games with the interlocutor.
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