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Metro by T-Mobile
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Metro by T Mobile is an application for Android that provides you with protection from unwanted calls.


This app is developed by the large mobile network for the US market so you can use it only if you live in the United States and have a SIM card from this company. 

A lot of software has such regional limitations, for example, Zelle. If you are a citizen of another country it is better to find analog that will work there. 

One of the main functions here is the Scam block that doesn’t allow phone numbers that have been marked as suspicious to call you. You also can send a report if a fraudster has contacted you and help to warn other users. 

It is also possible to see the ID of the caller that contains public information about him or her, so you can decide if you should answer. 

The application even shows you statistics on how many threats were blocked while it was turned on, and how many went through during the period it was inactive. 

Moreover, you can add certain numbers to the list of favorites and they will never be blocked. It is very convenient and allows you not to skip important calls. 

Premium options 

You can use the app completely for free. However, if you pay money it is possible to get an upgraded version. 

It allows you to arrange your block list and include or exclude certain numbers. There is also the ability to automatically send certain types of calls to the voice mail. 


  • protects your mobile phone from scammers and fraudsters;
  • allows blocking suspicious mobile numbers; 
  • you can see information about the person who is calling you;
  • there are premium options available;
  • it is possible to add contacts to favorites and never miss their calls;
  • free download for Android.
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