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Anhui Huami Information Technology Co.,Ltd.
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Mi Fit is a sports app for Android. The utility synchronizes with Mi Band and other wearable gadgets to track the user's physical performance.

Principle of operation

The application connects to watches and fitness bracelets to get all the indicators of the body. Based on this information, the user receives recommendations for physical activity, relaxation, sleep patterns and possible health risks.

The utility shows the required number of hours for a healthy sleep, tracks the body mass index and heart rate. Based on the body's responsiveness to physical activity, the correct training regimen is formed.

Sports activities

Users can run around stadiums, use bicycles and other gadgets to burn calories. The menu has a pedometer that shows the distance traveled and the number of steps for free. Thanks to tracking the speed of movement, each user can distinguish between types of activity.

The menu contains a set of video tutorials on the correct implementation of exercises. With their help, you can organize gentle sports loads every day. The main goal of the utility is to increase the physical tone of the body.

The application menu contains programs to motivate users. Prolonged inactivity of a person will lead to pop-up notifications about the need for a warm-up or light workout. Sometimes the application may disconnect from smart bracelets and electronic watches. In such cases, you need to restart your gadgets or clear the cache.


  • application for tracking training statistics;
  • a set of exercises and video lessons for free;
  • heart rate, pedometer and sleep assistant;
  • reminders of physical activities;
  • the app is compatible with relevant versions of Android.
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