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Android 6.0
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Microphone Pro is a free application that allows you to record sound from the microphone of your phone and listen to it in real time.

Sound recording

This Android application can record audio at various sample rates from the microphone of your smartphone. You can also hear yourself in real time and if you disconnect wired and wireless headphones to your Android device. It is worth noting that the application provides minimal delay so that you can synchronously sing, speak or dictate a specific text. 

In general, this is an excellent option for everyday voice recorder which will provide you with the proper quality, quick settings and convenient save function with a detailed library. Here you can return to the subsequent playback of all the records that are stored in the memory of your smartphone.

Share Records

You can share recorded files with other users using social network widgets. send any records and organize file transfer. You can also customize various effects like echo or delay. adjust various parameters to help you sound better and more voluminous.

In general, a convenient interface allows you to quickly broadcast all the necessary audio recordings and get high quality sound. Now you can get great recording quality with just a smartphone. Adjust sound settings and select a frequency range for emphasis shifting. Thanks to its simple interface, you can easily edit all presets. All finished files can be transferred to a computer.


  • free audio recording application;
  • use headphones to listen to voice in real time;
  • selection of sampling rate and detailed settings;
  • sound synchronization and minimal delay;
  • support for all relevant Android versions.
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