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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Corporation
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86,4 Mb
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Android 4.4
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Microsoft Edge is a free Android browser that allows you to browse Internet sites, download files and protect users using incognito mode.

Control your data

Allows users to block trackers and protect the tracking system. You can enable a special incognito mode so that no site receives data about your location and device types. You can also block ads using the built-in settings. Here you can choose what information sites can view. Use the advanced features of this free application to customize the general interface and parameters to your needs.

Special technology to speed up viewing allows you to compress content so that you can quickly connect to pages. You can also use the general browsing history from the desktop version of the site. Enable private mode and more than one user will not see your location. Here you can use the additional tabs and options in the menu to control your activity and daily use of the browser.

Useful options

In addition to incognito mode and ad blocking, you can make quick bookmarks and select news sources on the main page. This will allow you to keep abreast of the latest relevant news and speed up finding interesting information. Toggle to leave your widgets on the main screen to create a convenient desktop and comfortably switch between different Internet sites. It is worth noting that the browser is designed with the quick opening of mobile pages, so you will get a significant performance boost even on an old smartphone.


  • free Android web browser with private tabs;
  • private connection with trackers blocking;
  • convenient widgets on the main page;
  • synchronize browsing history with the desktop version;
  • integrated ad blocking system.
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