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Microsoft Word

Microsoft Corporation
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70 Mb
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Android 6.0 and above
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Microsoft Word is an Android application that allows you to open text files, edit documents and create templates for subsequent sending over the network. Read pdf files, open letters and take notes. The application has functionality similar to the stationary version. The only difference is adaptability for a smartphone and tablet. You can choose the font, italics, text formats and various graphic settings. The application is optimized for many smartphones and tablets, so full functioning will not cause you problems.

Paste pictures into files and draw notes right on top. You can highlight a specific section of text with colored markers and send documents over the network. Share documents with cloud storage and email files. The application is synchronized with your Microsoft Office account and allows you to create all the necessary files in one place. This is a powerful document editing tool that will allow you to organize your work day.

Create DOC files

Thanks to this application you can create files for Microsoft Office and other programs. This is a convenient editor that simplifies working with documents on Android. It is worth noting that you can safely adapt any type of text to the diagonals of your smartphone or tablet. All you need is to select fragments, print text, inserting graphics and various tables. The program’s functionality is not inferior to the computer version, so you can fully work with various files, budget versions and other promotions.

App Features

  • the application for working with text documents;
  • create letters, resumes and edit text;
  • insert graphic files and support for various extensions;
  • adaptive interface and markers on Android;
  • synchronization with cloud storage.
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