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MiPermit is an application for Android that greatly simplifies the search and payment for parking spaces in the United Kingdom.

What can it do

Thanks to the built-in map, you can quickly find a free parking lot with this app. In addition, there is a complete list of cities where you can see all the available parking spaces.

You will no longer have to wait in queues at the payment machine, look for coins, get physical tickets and pay too much. All necessary actions can be performed online with a smartphone.

Users can specify how long they want to keep their vehicle in the parking lot. If the plans suddenly change, the parking time can be extended.

The application automatically sends a notification when 15 minutes are left before the time expires. This lets you pick up the car from the parking lot in time or extend the period and avoid parking fines.

In addition, you can complete the parking in advance, while the funds for unused time are credited back to the bank account specified in the application.


To pay for parking on a regular basis, you must provide billing information. Users can make payments with debit and credit cards. For your convenience, you can request an invoice to the e-mail address. You can use your Gmail or any other account for it.

If you enter your billing information in advance, the procedure of paying for a parking space will only take a few seconds.


  • helps to search for and pay for parking spaces in the UK;
  • users receive automatic notifications 15 minutes before the parking time expires;
  • it is possible to pay online;
  • the application can be downloaded and used completely free of charge;
  • it is compatible with all current versions of Android.
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