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Android 4.1
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Mirror is an Android application with the ability to use the front camera as a virtual mirror.


The utility can replace the cosmetic mirror in the bag. This is true in cases where the user is not able to wear a conventional cosmetic device. In fact, this is the usual activation of the front camera with the ability to zoom in or out on the image.

Users can activate the backlight in a dark room to see the nuances of makeup. The utility helps to take pictures and send them to social networks. It is also an inconspicuous assistant to improve makeup on the street without additional mirrors.

The application supports recording video in 3D format to see all the nuances of makeup and hairstyles. You can also save your images before and after to compare differences. The utility supports quick adjustment of lighting by touching the surface. 

Right after taking a picture, you can open the gallery and select the desired photo. In addition to social network widgets, you can send your images by email.


One of the most interesting options is freezing photos. It works quite simply. The user needs to bring the camera of the smartphone or tablet to his face, select the desired angle and take a photo. The utility will automatically take a screenshot. You can see all the makeup defects and improve THEM immediately.

This is especially true for women. The utility has many free options with several exclusive features which is only available after purchasing the full version.


  • application with the option to simulate a mirror;
  • zoom function for small parts;
  • creation of photos and three-dimensional videos;
  • the utility is available for free download;
  • compatible with current versions of Android.
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