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Mooderz is an application for social activity. Here you can create your profile, fill in various parameters, and chat with other interesting people. The essence of the app is that you must evaluate the photos of other people. You have nine settings for emoticons that can be set for each photo. Choose people according to your interests, track activity, and make new friends. Here you can choose people who have interests similar to you or who are close to you. Fast geolocation allows you to find the best interlocutors. Track each user’s profile in detail. Here you can get acquainted with the hobbies of your future friends, their activities and other nuances.

Find best friends

Every day you can search for new friends and find updates. Here you can use a local search to select the people most interesting to you. The preview mode allows you to see photos, the age of people, and their location on the map. So you will find the most suitable options for you. It is worth noting that users note three of their favorite nuances that you should pay attention to and use. For example, some guys and girls like to go to movies, restaurants, or cafes. Some people prefer noisy parties or hikes in the park. 

Given these nuances, you can find friends and offer the perfect leisure option. Another interesting point is to display the age of each user. Here you can find a person who meets all your parameters. Use the grading and grading system to find the best person to talk with pleasure. After you have selected someone, you can start a dialogue with him. If you are lucky, you can go on a date, chat with interesting people, and make friends.

App features

  • dating application on Android;
  • find exciting people by their hobby;
  • smart rating system of 9 emoticons;
  • thousands of people near you;
  • the massive user base of the app.
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