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Android 5.0
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Movavi Clips is an Android app with video editing capabilities.

Content Processing

The application allows for the initial installation of commercials for social networks and a personal archive. The menu has a built-in editor with options for cropping, gluing and cropping tracks. Users can use the mode of separating objects from the background.

Gluing two or more rollers available frame by frame. Pictures and text fragments are inserted in compliance with time codes and fading effects. Adjusting brightness and contrast helps correct lighting defects.
For each clip, there are a number of effects to add the necessary tone and accents for free. Some presets can be used for final editing with real-time switching.

Music and slide show

The menu has a section with free music. It is easy to add to any part of the movie with the effects of attenuation and alternating shift. Audio files are compressed to minimize the final file weight. It’s really convenient for the most users.

The option to create video from slides is available to all users. You can choose from five photos to create spectacular transitions to the music. The function will allow you to familiarize relatives or friends with foreign trips and the most vivid impressions of the rest.

Each slide can be supplemented with emoticons and text labels. The editor menu allows you to change the font and size to select the best format. The finished video is easy to add in social networks.


  • video editor with templates and brightness control;
  • crop clips and create slideshows;
  • the ability to add text and music for free;
  • templates, presets and filters for editing;
  • the video editor is compatible with relevant versions of Android.
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