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16 Mb
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Android 4.1
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Multigram is an Android application for chatting and audio calls.


The utility uses the Telegram API to perform the functions of a messenger. Users have access to chats, private channels and groups. Text messaging includes the ability to add pictures. Also, users can send each other audio, video and various files. Chat allows to share, and all publications are available in chronological format.

The main feature of the messenger is the ability to use up to 100 accounts in one device. A large number of accounts can reduce the speed of the utility. Users can customize bots to interact with other people and serve clients. The bot can generate responses and specific messages depending on the settings.


The utility has a number of graphic themes and additional sections in the side menu for sorting content. Sections with favorites, dialogs and bots are displayed in different tabs. The application allows you to create secret chats with friends and any users from your contact list. Online communication gives you the opportunity to exchange data and make audio calls. However, the possibility of video calls is not provided.

The utility is available for free, but after authorization, users automatically subscribe to several sponsorship channels. It is worth noting that you can unsubscribe from these channels at any time. The only drawback of the utility is the rather long download of voice messages.


  • instant messenger with chats, file sharing and audio calls;
  • support for up to 100 accounts;
  • graphic themes for customizing the interface;
  • the utility is available for free download;
  • the application is compatible with current versions of Android.
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