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Music Keyboard

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Android 4.1 and above
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Music Keyboard is a feature-rich Android keyboard and keyboard app. This application allows you to play 18 different instruments and play your favorite music. Learn chords, train fingering and various scales. Here you can have fun and remember a lot of interesting information. It is worth noting that you can combine the sound of instruments and achieve unique effects. This application will allow you to develop your creativity and explore various interesting aspects of the application. 

Beginners can use special exercises and lessons to increase their level of proficiency. There is a top rating of the best songs and users who have achieved the best results. Train and you can become one of them. The application also contains translation into various languages of the world and thematic music. Enjoy the piano sound quality and experiment with the sound of instruments.

Music Everywhere

This application allows you to learn many musical compositions and improve the level of knowledge of the instrument. Here you can experiment with different sounds and combine piano melody with other instruments. Use an organ, flute or saxophone to enhance the sound of standard tracks. User-friendly interface and stylish graphics complement the overall impression of the application. This is an excellent creative complex that will allow you to learn a lot from the music industry and compete with other players. Train your piano skills and lead in the ranking.

App Features

  • music application for playing the piano;
  • 18 different instruments for creating realistic sound;
  • combine melodies and instruments;
  • built-in lessons for learning music;
  • top ranking and player reward system.
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