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Music Maker JAM

JAM Just Add Music GmbH
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Android 4.1 and above
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Music Maker JAM is a music application on Android where you can create your music and add vocals. Experiment with various tools and stylistic components. Thanks to a convenient set of musical compositions and measured drawings, you can create original songs and save them on your device. There are many pre-installed musical instruments, effects, and advanced settings. 

Each user can use more than 200 collections of sound samples in various styles. Thanks to a set of ready-made settings, you can create an original composition and surprise your friends. Here you can control the music flow thanks to the mixing console and add tones to change the sound of the instruments. You can also upload ready-made tracks to streaming services and share your creativity with other people. Experiment and create incredibly beautiful musical compositions. Try it: enjoy it.

Sound Jam

The main advantage of this application is that you can create your musical compositions to play musical instruments. All you need is to choose different parts of musical forms, tools, and vocal parts. You can select over 100 styles for your music and record your voice to create significant melody elements. The effects and settings can be changed in real-time. It allows you to quickly adjust the desired sound quality and add new stylistic features. The ability to integrate your music into various music services is a great way to promote creativity.

App Features

  • the Android music app for creativity;
  • 200+ samples and effects for various styles of music;
  • mixer and convenient interface for creating songs;
  • add vocals and new instruments with sound effects;
  • integration with music streaming services.
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