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Time Management Studio
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My Daily Planner is a free Android application for planning your activity throughout the week or month.

Plan your activities

This application is excellent for planning various noted events or sets a reminder of important activities. Here you can plan your day by points and create lists of what needs to be done within 24 hours. Set separate reminder folders to help you deal with important tasks. Here you will see the automatic calculation of progress. 

That allows you to keep abreast of the remaining tasks, grouping them into folders and automatically transfer and activity the next day. It is worth noting that this application works without an Internet connection. And you can set tasks separately and in a few clicks. It is worth noting that voice input of data is available here that will allow you to edit the lists to make changes.

New Projects

The Android menu of the application contains a tab with the ability to track tasks of infinite date and common projects. Here you can see how many tasks you have to complete for a variable period and paint detailed tasks for each task. Set up convenient reminders that will inform you of important activities throughout the day. It will allow us not to forget about the most relevant events, business trips, and seminars. 

Now you will always come to your doctor on time or buy important medications on time. This application will help people who cannot independently memorize a huge amount of information for various reasons. Consider it your manager, who will solve most of the problems for you.


  • free task scheduler for Android;
  • written and voice notes for every day;
  • integrated calendar and tracking of completed tasks;
  • chart with the percentage of finished and unfinished items;
  • colored markers and sorting lists for every day.
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