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My diary is an application in which you can keep all your secrets without worrying about anyone finding out about them. Love to keep various notebooks, but tired of hiding them from family members? Are you constantly worried that someone will read your innermost thoughts? There is an exit! Install the My Diary app on your Android device and forget about worries once and for all.

Keeping a diary

The interface of the application is quite concise – it contains only the most basic elements. And, we can assure you that the local functionality is enough to comfortably and creatively conduct your memoirs. When creating a new note, you can add a title and a date to it. There are no restrictions in terms of the number of records and their volumes. Write three pages in a day, or just three lines, and add emoticons to the text to highlight special moments.

All notes will be displayed in the form of a long list, but this does not mean that you will need to scroll to the very bottom to view the earlier entries. Any note can be found using the internal search. By the way, if you forget to make notes in the diary, we recommend using the reminder function. Select the intervals at which My diary should remind you to create a new entry, and you will not miss a single important day by documenting it in a virtual notebook.


Worried that all entries are erased when you uninstall the application? In vain! My diary stores all the personal information of users in the cloud, which means that no one will get access to your data, even if you take the smartphone in your hands. An additional protection is setting a password for authorization. No one will read the diary if they do not know the PIN code from the application. Well, if you look so rarely in the Diary that you yourself forget the password, then it can be very easily restored.

Key Features

  • allows you to keep personal notes handy and safe;
  • offers a convenient search for created records and their deletion;
  • makes it possible to recover the password when it is lost;
  • allows you to set a reminder to create a new note;
  • it starts correctly and works even on the oldest versions of Android.
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