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Android 4.1 and above
My EE manage your billsMy EE data

My EE is an Android application that helps you manage your account and view various entries. Now you can see all payment features and replenish your account to receive mobile traffic. Share mobile data with other users and discover the benefits of 5G networks. Now each user can check for updates and view their accounts. The system is protected by Fingerprint ID, which gives you help in blocking applications daily. Also, users can set a PIN code that will help you protect your system. 

The application allows you to track the latest update and current balance — all the latest promotions and bonuses displayed on the main menu. A convenient, user-friendly interface allows you to track the balance of mobile traffic and perform an account in one click. Now each user can get personal boosters and improve the quality of service use. Get more features with a 5G network.

Internet & Mobile Roaming

This Android application simplifies the work with your account and allows you to fund your account in one click. Now you can find out the data of your tariff plan, change the terms of service, and get advice on technical support. Also, you can share your traffic and find out detailed information about the tariff plan. Change various conditions and services in one click and get more features. There are a lot of music subscriptions and the ability to arrange additional services. You can find out all the available options thanks to a convenient menu and an educational system.

App Features

  • first UK Android app to control 5G internet connection;
  • convenient interface and the ability to track your bills;
  • informative menu and account replenishment system;
  • fingerprint ID and a PIN to protect your application;
  • the ability to check the balance in one click.
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