My Etisalat

My Etisalat

Etisalat Misr
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27 Mb
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Android 4.2 and above
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My Etisalat is a modern Android application that allows you to manage your tariff plan and megabytes for Internet connection. Replenish your account or check your current balance using the convenient menu. Here you can get detailed statistics in the form of diagrams that will allow you to track the current status of the tariff plan. It is worth noting that there are many convenient indicators for displaying the number of megabytes of Internet, current finances and other elements. 

You can find out the current limit, replenish your account or change your tariff. There are also local minutes SMS balance and the total number of megabytes for mobile Internet. To register, you need to provide a phone number and your details. You can also track here the history of calls and SMS messages. Use the settings for detailed customization of your interface.

Easy to Use App

Thanks to the detailed information in this application, you can get the entire range of services of your provider. There are many options for replenishing an account, choosing a new phone number or tariff plan. Fast registration and the ability to set up call forwarding allow you to quickly manage your account and keep track of updates. Convenient interface gives you access to various functions and allow you to check the balance in one click. Now you can always manage your accounts as informative as possible and track ongoing expenses. Activate new features and get the most out of your app.

App Features

  • manage the tariff plan on Android;
  • data charts, settings and statistics display;
  • replenish the account with one click and attach card data;
  • change phone number and track call history;
  • complaints, reports and call forwarding option.
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