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Android 7.0 and above
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MyAT&T is an Android application that allows you to monitor your account and pay monthly rates efficiently. Now you have full access to your account and can complete all payment transactions on time. Use the convenient interface to pay a monthly fee and monitor the status of your traffic. You can always replenish your megabytes if your tariff is coming to an end. Now you can always stay online and chat with your friends and family. You can also use pie charts and diagrams in the application in order to track your activity. 

Now you can control the consumption of traffic, calls and various activities. Detailed information will allow you to analyze the range of your expenses and take appropriate measures. Convenient navigation in the menu allows you to solve many problems every day and get maximum efficiency from the use of a personal tariff plan. You can use the special section to update the tariff plan and receive a starter pack in the nearest branch. Use the online map to find it in your city.

New Features

Now users of this mobile operator can use special widgets on the main screen to constantly monitor the status of their account. Watch and pay bills online and get detailed statements of your activities. Now you can make all changes to the tariff plan right in the application. This app simplifies many processes and avoids regular visits to specialized myAT&T outlets. This approach will allow you to manage all the activities of your account on your smartphone. Call your friends, use traffic for internet surfing and enjoy unlimited opportunities. This application simplifies many technical aspects of mobile communications.

App Features

  • check the status of your account on Android;
  • replenish the account and get a detailed statement;
  • activity analysis using pie charts;
  • order a new starter pack online;
  • search for nearby offices on the map.
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