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myAudi is an Android application for Audi cars that lets you track the geolocation of vehicles, battery power, and another statistic.

How does it work?

The application allows you to track most of the statistics thanks to the built-in GPS beacon in the car. It will enable you to find the car on the map and view mileage, fuel quantity, and other parameters. Audi electric cars have a built-in battery indicator. You can control the intensity during the battery charging.

It is worth noting that the application allows you to enable the function of interior heating, climate control remotely, and configure all the parameters associated with the error logbook.

Additional features

Many vehicles are also equipped with a special key card.  The utility can control these parameters to open the car’s doors remotely. It also has free climate control and timer setting.

The car owner can activate key cards in the app to set user permissions so all friends and relatives can access the car during their absence.

It’s enough to verify the device on the network and assign access codes to the smartphone. The application will then be able to unlock access to the doors and the automatic ignition button for Audi car owners. 

The map also contains information about the nearest service stations. It is especially convenient in the event of an emergency vehicle breakdown. A digital logbook helps to get an error code if the car is malfunctioning. It will help to fix the problem in the car service faster.


  • the climate control and timer setting for Audi cars;
  • information about the level of gasoline, mileage and other aspects;
  • setting a digital key for remote door opening;
  • the application is free to download and use;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android.
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