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MyFitnessPal is an application for Android that helps you to keep your body in a good shape.

Monitoring your meals 

The app lets you control what and when you eat. When you create the account you are asked what your goal is, to gain weight or to lose it. Then all the important settings are arranged accordingly and you can start your diet. 

Every meal you have you should enter in the special field. Here you put the name and quantity of it. If you are a premium user, there are many more details you can add about your food and get more particular statistics thereafter. 

If you use this option every time you eat, in a few days you will get a full picture of your current diet and how to upgrade it. 

Also, the app counts calories for you and lets you know how many are left for today, so you can control the number of meals accordingly. 

You can also find healthy recipes and add your own in the local library. 

Working out

Along with the right diet, physical activity is the cornerstone of a fit body. The application lets you not only monitor your food but sports habits either.

There is a big collection of all possible exercises that will help to achieve your goal. You can pick some and form your daily routine. The app informs you about right moves and time.

It keeps a record of your activity and suggests you add or exclude some parts. Also, it counts calories you lose and correlates it with the information about your meals. Usually, work out apps, 30 Day Fitness Challenge, for example, don’t provide you with such an option. 


  • helps you to gain or lose your body weight;
  • tracks your meals and counts calories;
  • big library of healthy receipts;
  • you can arrange your daily exercises routine;
  • free download for Android. 
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