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MyHeritage is an application for the maternal and paternal side search. 

The search for relatives

Many people are looking for their possible relatives on the maternal and paternal side. This application allows you to study the pedigree and find out all the possible people related to your race. 

To do this, you need to register and provide information about yourself. Start with the name, surname, your relatives, and all the necessary information contained in the brief survey. The utility allows you to create a family tree and save all the records about your family. Special technology for finding matches will help you find namesakes and those who meet the criteria of relatives. 

The utility also provides direct access to free documents and historical records. Naturally, this is far from a complete archive, and the information may be inaccurate. Nevertheless, there is a special mode for searching detailed information on acts and articles. You can analyze any archive and find various entries.

Paid options

One of the main functions is the DNA test point of relatives and ethnicity of a person. The fact is that many people from the database conduct similar studies so the utility can quickly find a match. To pass the DNA test, you need to pay for all the services. After that, the company will send you a leakproof test and instructions for use. Take a blood sample and send it for laboratory tests.

DNA test results become available in the application immediately after the laboratory has completed all necessary preparations.


  • relatives search application;
  • the ability to add relatives to the family tree;
  • analysis of old documents and archival records;
  • the application is available free of charge for all users;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android.
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