Telenor Myanmar Limited
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30 Mb
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Android 4.4 and above
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MyTelenor is an Android application that allows users to receive various telecommunication services and replenish their accounts. You can protect your account with biometric data or a password system. Manage your account, me these account details, and control the functionality of the application. Company customers can get additional options through interactive games. Win, and you can replenish your account, get additional gigabytes of traffic and other features. 

The system offers users discounts on purchases and additional options when paying an invoice with a visa or MasterCard. Each user can count on an individual offer, game content, and other entertainment. Thanks to its intuitive and straightforward interface, you can count on quick account management and activation of various options. The application has a built-in alert system and that user support. It allows you to rely on the help of specialists in case of problems. You can also become a gold member and get an additional advantage in verification. Activate other options and gain an advantage.

Personal Plan

One of the main advantages of the application is the choice of a tariff plan. You can independently determine the desired options using a unique selection system. Click on the necessary parameters to choose for yourself the optimal settings for your tariff plan. It will help to maximize the benefits of using the application and enjoy communicating with friends. Use mini-games and enjoy the fun. It will help you pass the time and win incentive prizes.

App Features

  • the best telecommunication application on Android;
  • account protection using Touch ID;
  • one-click tariff plan change and account replenishment;
  • interactive games and entertainment for users;
  • promotions and personal offers upon registration.
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