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MyTherapy is a convenient application that will allow you to take important medications on time. Now you will never miss the process of using medicines, and you can feel better.

Perfect Reminder

Many people need regular medication. Sometimes it comes to taking medications every 30 minutes. It forces people to adhere to a strict schedule. This Android application will allow you to simplify medication and receive daily notifications. Here you can choose the right dosage and configure pop-up notifications. 

Keep track of the log of missed pills and choose a different dosage depending on your diseases. You can also set up synchronization to send messages to your relatives. They will be able to see in time that you have not taken the pill and help you. Enjoy with australia casino. It is a great app that many doctors around the world recommend.

How to use this Android App?

The process of using the application is straightforward and intuitive. You need to set a reminder to take a specific dosage of the medicine. Choose a variety of symptom management information and follow your treatment schedule. Here you can track health statistics, medication schedules, and other nuances. You can also indicate how many tablets you have left to determine the number of additional drugs. 

You can enter all information online and print reports for your attending physicians—the application tracks in detail all the information about your weight, pressure, and various symptoms. Here you should not worry that you are not receiving treatment correctly. It is worth noting that the application is adapted for smartphones and tablets, which allows you to manage your course of treatment effectively.


  • free app to control medication;
  • daily notifications and alerts of relatives;
  • collect your statistics and send a report to the doctor;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android;
  • simple interface and categorization.
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