Nationwide Building Society
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Android 5.0 and above
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Secure Banking

Nationwide is a financial application that allows you to manage your accounts, track various transactions and pay multiple bills. Now you can conveniently view all the activity in your debit card and block your accounts. Protect your account with a fingerprint and view transaction history for the past 15 months. It will allow you to receive data on the activity of your credit cards faster and more reliably. Various payments and transfers made in one click. You need to choose the format and method of transferring money. 

Now you can use your contacts from your smartphone to get more information. Use graphs to obtain the necessary information and improve your user experience. Enjoy the ability to transfer money and set up various data quickly. The application allows you to optimize your password and fingerprints so that no one can get to your account. Now you get full access to your accounts and transactions from any device. 

One-Click Payments

Now you can save and edit your savings in one click. Installing court transaction filters will allow you to learn more about your financial activity. Any third-party manipulations with your cards can be remotely blocked. The application does an excellent job of viewing the balance, opening a deposit or choosing a credit limit. Customize the capabilities of your account and get all the benefits of mobile banking. The paperwork is a thing of the past now. Pay for purchases and make quick transactions.

App Features

  • the UK best banking application on Android;
  • two-factor authentication and fingerprint scanner;
  • account management from any device;
  • fast transactions and manual card lock;
  • transaction history for the last 15 months.
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