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Protect Your Money

NatWest is one of the best banking apps in the UK for Android. You can create a secure account and fully manage your transactions. Protect your credit cards from gambling activity and set the entrance to the application through fingerprints. Now you can track a bank card from various banks and make transactions in one click. Use a universal payment system without a card reader and view receipts online. But you can personalize your account and receive detailed activity reports. 

Just a few clicks and you will be aware of all your financial transactions. Also, you can view the history of commercial activity and receive rewards for specific actions. Each user can save PDF files with detailed information on each payment. Now you can earn money from your card while being near the ATM. You do not have to use a debit card to complete transactions. Also, the application allows you to pay your family bills in one click.

Pay As You Go

The application greatly simplifies the financial activity of each person. You can make transactions pay the bills of your friends and relatives. Make contactless purchases in stores and get rewarded. This application will allow you to protect your account and get more opportunities for financial activities. Just activate your account and get maximum benefits. Activate contactless payment and enjoy the benefits of fast transactions. It is your chance to get more benefits and enjoy financial freedom.

App Features

  • mobile banking app on Android;
  • fingerprint access and account personalization;
  • instant cash withdraw up to £130 without a card;
  • fast users transactions & payments without card reader;
  • maximum protection of personal data.
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