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Network Cell Info Lite

M2Catalyst, LLC.
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5,5 Mb
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Android 4.2
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Network Cell Info Lite is an Android application for finding nearby cells on a map. The utility provides a wide range of real-time network monitoring.

Cell Search

The application supports any standards of cellular networks and allows you to determine their location. The utility allows you to test drive network. You can check the strength of the signal and mark the map. It is possible to adjust the distance and set a limit on the accuracy of positioning.

Using the application, you can find the best signal locations in any area. Please note that for this you need to activate geolocation on the smartphone, as well as provide the permission to make calls. The interface is straightforward and easy to use.

Signal Data

The application displays two power indicators with a timeline at once. If necessary, the received information can be saved in a separate file. The mobile service allows you to find out the performance of the nearest network antennas. It is possible to check the quality and level of the signal.

In a separate tab, statistics of connections with cellular data are displayed. The application sends alerts about access to network types. You can simultaneously view the map and signal data. It’s easy to use it everywhere for free.

The utility additionally allows you to get information about the SIM card and mobile device. If desired, unnecessary sensors can be turned off to reduce the load on the smartphone. It’s easy to add this data anywhere else.


  • the ability to find the nearest cells on the map;
  • access to signal strength information;
  • the function of saving data to a file is provided;
  • the application is downloaded and used for free;
  • compatible with current versions of Android.


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