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Android 4.2
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Nextdoor is an application for Android that lets you explore your neighborhood and find useful places and peoples. 

How to start 

After the app is installed you are required to create a new account. You need to choose the country you live in from the list and enter your address. It is available for users from Australia, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom. 

It is also possible to get access by receiving an invite code from another person who lives near you and wants you to be engaged in this application. 

Since your account is created you can use all tools and options that are available. 

Main functions 

You are provided with an opportunity to solve your problems by contacting people who live in the same area as you. 

It is possible to buy something that you need at the moment from another person or sell things you do no longer need. The functionality of these options reminds of software like OfferUp.

It is also possible to hire people for non qualified jobs like babysitters or janitors. You can also find something for yourself to get involved in. 

Moreover, there is the ability to recommend local establishments to other users. It is possible to leave a review and rate cafes of stores. 

The application also provides you with the opportunity to keep up with news of your neighborhood and engage in social life. 


  • it is available for users fro nine countries;
  • there is the ability to sell or purchase different things from other people;
  • you can hire another person or find a job for yourself;
  • it is possible to recommend local establishments;
  • notifies you about news from your neighbourhood;
  • free download for Android.
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