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Nguru is an Android application that simplifies the learning process for students. Use the universal application to scan QR codes and add various textbooks and training materials in the app. Now you can get a lot of modern books and textbooks to study the exact sciences and multiple activities. Read more about australia casino. Get new knowledge and access to educational videos, toys, and a particular quiz. Start your training by downloading digital books and videos.

The application is excellent for storing various books and accessing them anywhere in the world. You can also download cloud-based content. Take photos using the app and register in the system. All you need to get a book is to enter a unique code in the menu. After that, you can freely use digital publications. Activate the maximum number of books and get unlimited knowledge. This application is excellent for students in various classes.

Start Education

Many Indian students have already appreciated this application. The main advantage of this software package is the ability to acquire knowledge playfully. Many entertaining quizzes, puzzles, and educational videos. It can help you to facilitate the process of learning the exact sciences. It allows you not to worry about the quality of student learning and get a new way to encourage all children. Now the learning process has become much simpler and more intuitive. It allows you to enjoy the learning process and gain the necessary knowledge.

App Features

  • application for teaching students on Android;
  • add digital books using a unique code;
  • watch instructional videos and play games;
  • many quizzes for teaching science;
  • user-friendly interface and cloud-based downloading of content.
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