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NHS Weight Loss Plan is an application for Android that helps you to lose weight and become healthier. 

Following the plan

The app has a special program that is prepared by specialists. It lasts 12 weeks and guides you through every step. It works similarly to 30 Day Fitness Challange but focuses more on the diet than on working out.

When you start for the first time you are supposed to enter your body parameters and age. The settings are changed accordingly and you can start following the guidelines. 

Every week you get a list of exercises and meals that you should do and eat for the next seven days. You are supposed to enter reports on your success in the application, so it can track your progress and give better advice. 

The level of your activity is automatically analyzed and if it is not sufficient you are getting a warning. Also, you are given updates on your calories limits during the day, so you can manage your meals accordingly and stay within the proper boundaries. 

There are also detailed instructions for each week of the program. They explain to you all the nuances of a healthy lifestyle and give the motivation to keep going

Helpful tools 

Besides the 12 weeks plan the app has a healthy weight calculator. When you enter your parameters it shows your body mass index and tells you if it's within the norm or not. You can use it periodically to see if it gets better due to your efforts. 

Moreover, you can find here many useful articles on different topics that are connected to living healthy.


  • provides you with the 12 weeks program of exercises and diets;
  • you can keep track of your progress;
  • shows your calories limit for the day;
  • there is a body mass index calculator;
  • free download for Android.
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