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Nike is an Android app for buying clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Trend things

This Android app contains the latest Nike product catalog. The menu is divided into categories. There are male and female products. You can also switch between shoes, jeans, skirts, hoodies and vests. All products can be sorted by price and date added. Keep track of fashion collections by picking the latest clothing items.

Each product has a detailed description and dimensional grid. You can view photos and choose the appropriate type of clothing. Add all items to the basket when placing an order. Here you can pay with credit cards, PayPal and other e-wallets.

The application’s interface is as user friendly as possible, and it doesn’t allow you to select any settings for searching fashionable clothes and accessories from this brand.

Product quality
Thanks to the original quality, you can count on the long-term use of all types of shoes and clothes. Goods correspond to photos, and delivery is fast. Here you can reserve a certain amount of goods for future purchases for free.

Pop-up notifications will help you track goods in stock on time and make a purchase. In general, the application allows you to conveniently buy clothes and accessories if you know your size exactly. You can also use the system of measures in the menu so as not to make a mistake with the order. Regular updates of fashion styles help maintain consistent brand quality.


  • application for the purchase of clothing, shoes and accessories;
  • free notifications of new collections;
  • detailed description and current photos of each product;
  • fast targeted delivery and several types of payments;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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