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Nimses is an extremely intriguing application from Ukrainian developers, which offers to monetize every minute – even if the user is offline. Have you ever wanted to cash out your likes? Or get a reward for the usual actions performed on social networks? Thanks to Nimses you have the opportunity! Community members receive an internal currency called “nimes” for certain actions. Coins are awarded for received likes, or gifts and reposts. 

The most interesting feature of the client is the search for interlocutors and like-minded people in their city. This is realized thanks to a well-thought-out system of “templates” that help to find people nearby and join in groups. Nimses provides filters for processing photos with names identical to those on Instagram. This was done solely for the convenience of users. Download the application and join the huge community of people united by one idea.


In addition to every minute incentives, the social network provides for the need to pay for certain actions. For example, for publishing a snapshot, the service will require you to give 100 nims. The developers themselves claim that 1000 nims are equivalent to one dollar and are called “nims” cryptocurrency. But on the site Coinmarketcap Nimses are not represented. However, the service has its own trading platform. There you can exchange the accumulated coins for various useful things or services;

App Features

  • represents a client of a social network of a new format;
  • every minute charges virtual coins – “nemes”;
  • makes it possible to share photos by adding filters to them;
  • allows you to get a reward for sympathy from other users;
  • requires HUMAN status to access most features.
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