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India Health Action Trust
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NM App is a specialized application that allows Nurse Mentors to work with their staff and to report on the activities of nurses. This application is great for managers and managers who are competent in viewing statistics related to medical institutions. Now you can manage personnel and activate various options directly in the application. Use your profile to lead each team member, create a calendar of activities and monthly reports. 

Now you do not need to keep a lot of paper documentation because all the work is done online. Track your profile and profile and nurses to plan and report to superiors. Also, here, you can see the status of reports. This application greatly simplifies the work of people and allows you to track various activities. Organize your work as efficiently as possible and use the opportunity to collect all the data in one application. Now nothing can distract you from work, and the whole process will be much easier.

Control All Nurses

Forget about the days when nurse mentors were supposed to keep all the paperwork. Now all managerial and technical processes can be solved in one application. Use the reporting system, redistribution of duties, and daily status to maintain documentation and reporting. It greatly simplifies the work of any medical institution and allows nurse mentors to work efficiently. Now nothing can distract you from work, and the whole process will be as efficient and straightforward as possible.

App Features

  • the best Android application for nurse mentors;
  • track staff activity and set goals;
  • monthly reporting and submission of documents;
  • convenient interface and the ability to manage the composition;
  • detailed profile with all the important information.
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