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Numerology is an Android app that helps you learn more about your life cycles, daily events, and love compatibility. The magic of numbers directly affects our lives. Indicate your name date of birth and you will find out a lot of interesting information about you. All data collected in a convenient graphical order that allows you to understand the current parameters. Add your partner’s profile to find out compatibility and understand how you are suitable in everyday life. 

There are also inspirational quotes that allow you not to lose heart and motivate yourself to daily Victories. Be better and guided by the tips in the application. Every day you will receive valuable advice on how to act in a particular situation. Use them to your advantage. The application has a stylish interface and a convenient menu that allows you to select various settings for viewing your statistics.

The Power of Numbers

Date of birth and personal information has a key role in determining the fate of a person. This application will allow you to learn more about you and your predisposition to various aspects. Carefully study the tips from the application in order to adjust your life path. Here you will discover the Secrets of numbers and various tips. Study the interface and receive many important messages about your future. This application will allow you to explore the numerological aspects and receive detailed information about upcoming events in your life.

App Features

  • numerology in your Android smartphone;
  • daily predictions and statistical reports;
  • Find out compatibility with your partner;
  • read motivational quotes and develop;
  • convenient menu with many options to use.
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