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Nysse is a universal Android application that helps you find the nearest public transport route in Finland.

How to find the nearest bus stop?

Many tourists and urban residents in Finland are faced with the need for regular travel and relocation. All this requires a search for public transport and proper coordination of routes. In particular, you need to know the exact way and time of the trip. This application will help you navigate modern routes and look for the nearest bus stop. It is worth noting that at the moment, the app supports more than 14 cities and surroundings. 

You can find any stops, routes, or lines to travel by bus, tram or metro. There is also alternative walking or cycling routes as well as convenient Line maps to help you make a schedule and find the right route. You can see various buses and public transport that will help you navigate the city.

Easy Navigation

It is worth noting that the application has a convenient interface for you; you can add the most important locations for you and choose a convenient trip. An online map allows you to observe all available metro stations, bus stops, and tram lines. You can track the travel time and analyze the remaining kilometers. You can also see an alternative path on foot or by bicycle. 

It is worth noting that a detailed Android map shows all metro locations as well as the distance traveled by public transport. You can always see the nearest timetable and the exact time of arrival of shuttle vehicles. All this is convenient since you can create your daily schedule and have accurate data at hand.


  • track public transport routes in Finland;
  • free map of the metro line, buses, and trams;
  • convenient interface and favorites list;
  • search for the nearest stop in the menu of the Android application;
  • regular addition of new cities.
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