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OfferUp is an application for Android that lets you sell something you don’t need anymore or buy items from other people.


First of all, it is important to notice that this app is available only for users who are currently located in the United States. It is a common practice for software that allows you to trade things in a certain region like Zillow, for example. 

After you create an account it is possible to start using its main functions straight away. 

You can make a photo of a subject you want to sell and upload it into the application. You are also required to enter the name of it and the price. Also, you can add any commentary and show the potential buyer a location where he or she can pick up the item. 

If you are going to purchase something, you can use the search option. There are several filters to apply and get the most suitable results. You can browse sellers nearby and contact them.

Secure deals 

As it is not official stores but local individuals offering their services here, there is a chance to be deceived. That is why the application has a system of user ratings. 

If you buy an item from someone you can give him or her up to five starts after the deal is closed. It also works vice versa, when you sell things. 

While browsing offers you can see if you can trust a certain person or it is better to find another variant. 

Chatting with other people is also safe here as it is protected by encryption methods. 


  • allows you to sell things you no longer need;
  • you can also buy items from other people;
  • it is possible to add photos and commentaries; 
  • there is a user rating system that allows you to find trustworthy deals;
  • the app works only in the United States;
  • free download for Android.
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