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OGYouTube is an application for Android that provides you with access to the unofficial modification of the famous video platform's client. 

Alternative version

As this app is an upgraded version of original YouTube, it has all the basic features. You can watch clips, like or dislike them, leave comments and create playlists. 

But this application is a modification created by an independent developer, so it changes the way the original works. First of all, it has a different interface that looks much simpler and easy to navigate. 

The main feature that is added here is the ability to download any video to the internal memory of your phone. The official app also has such an option but it is available only if you are paying for the Premium subscription, and here it is completely free. You can also find similar functionality in programs like YouTube Vanced.

It is also worth mentioning that this client has no advertisements. Such a feature is also available only for premium users of the official app.

Downloads and settings

It is possible to adjust the way the application works and how files are downloaded. It is allowed to choose the folder where all videos are saved. You can also enable queue and auto downloads. There is also the ability to set the number of files that can be loaded simultaneously. 

Moreover, you can control data usage and forbid to play videos in high quality when there is no WiFi connection. 


  • it is a modified version of official YouTube client;
  • there is the ability to download any video to the internal memory of your phone;
  • it has a simplified interface and no advertisements;
  • you can manage downloads settings according to your needs;
  • free download for Android.
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