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OK to Shop is an Android app for those who want to improve their diet. Here you can receive recommendations and links to the best products in a few clicks.

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A special diet is not a reason to be upset. Even if you have a food allergy or certain recommendations from your doctor, you can always find the best option for you here. This application created for vegetarians and people with a special diet. Here you can scan this identification code and ingredients and order food from a huge range of items. It takes into account the various nuances, energy reactions, and preferences of each user. 

Thanks to this Android app, you should not worry about the fact that you will receive a defective product or product. You only need to choose what you want to order and notify employees of the application. Now you can save time and not read labels. Add products to Favorites and share them with other users. Here you can send a courier for purchases and receive any goods at home.

Easy to use app

Here you can delegate responsibilities for purchasing food to staff and get all the benefits. You can order vegetarian food and a special diet that suits you. Here you can register and get complete anonymity. Use an extensive database of products to choose what you need. You can also add food to your Favorites and not share your preferences with other users. In general, this application will help you significantly improve your diet and get the opportunity to order food without leaving your home.


  • application for scanning and ordering food;
  • user-friendly interface taking into account a personal diet;
  • free registration and complete anonymity;
  • compatibility with current Android versions;
  • detailed information about each product.
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