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OkCupid is an application for Android that lets you meet new people and date them. 

Personalized matches 

When you start this app for the first time, it asks you to create a profile with a photo and detailed information about yourself. One of the main features here is that the local algorithm finds partners for you based on your interests and hobbies. This fact favorably distinguishes it from other analogs like Tinder, where you offered to choose from random people who are near you. 

After your account is fully set up you will be offered to choose from the list of several persons, who have mentioned the same things as you in their profiles. You can study all the information available about these people and show your sympathy or ignore them. If one of them likes you back, the match is created and you can communicate in the local chat. There you can find more about the possible partner and ask him or her for the date. 

If you haven't found anybody with common interests, it's possible to go through the people that are nearby and pick ones whose photo you like the most. 

It’s worth noticing that the app is very progressive. You won't be discriminated against, no matter what your sexual orientation is and always can find a suitable partner here.

In case someone is harassing you, it’s possible to block this user from writing to you and make a report on him or her. 

Premium options

The application can be used for free without any inconvenience. However, there are some useful features worth mentioning, that you can get only in the upgraded version. 

If you donate money, you gain the ability to see who likes your profile, search through available people with the help of special filters and avoid in-app ads. 


  • helps you to find the person who shares the same interests as you; 
  • lets you communicate with people in the case of a mutual sympathy;
  • shows possible matches nearby;
  • more useful options in the upgraded version;
  • free download for Android.
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