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OLIO is an application for Android that allows you to share goods with people around and get something for free. 

Getting started 

When the app is installed, you have to create a new account. It requires your full name and email address. 

After you are logged in you are supposed to give access to your current location. You can set this as your home address or enter it manually. Then you are shown how many active users are around and where they are located. 

Further, you are asked to pick three categories of items that you are most likely to give away. It's possible to choose from food and non-food products. There are such options as Bought too many, Extras from my garden, Unwanted gifts and so on. 

Now you are ready to start. In the listing tab, all pick-up options around you are collected. You can filter them by distance, availability, date and other parameters. 

When you find something you like it's possible to click on the item and read full information about it. You are also shown the address where you can get it and the personal profile of the person who gives it away.

Moreover, there is the ability to set goals. You can choose different products you need and save them to your account or buy it online from partners' stores. 

The functionality of the app reminds of OfferUp. However, the main focus here is not trading but sharing.


The application has active users who are willing to share and help people. There is a local forum where you can find answers about the app performance and connected subjects. Also, you are allowed to send messages and discuss items you want to pick up or give away. 


  • allows you to get things for free from people nearby;
  • you can also give away products you don't longer need;
  • it's possible to search and filter available items;
  • lets you communicate with other users;
  • free download for Android.
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