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Once is a dating Android app where you can find the best match for finding a partner.

Fast Dating

This Android application works on the principle of the daily selection of interesting people. To receive information about other users, you should fill out your profile. It’s free. Choose your hobbies, write a little about yourself and add photos. Every day you will be able to receive a certain number of collections of girls or guys that you might theoretically like. 

You can see their photos, names, and age. You will also learn a little about this person, and you can continue to communicate with him. You can like photos and expect reciprocity from another person. You can also request the opportunity to write to this person and have a dialogue. The application is based on mutual sympathies and the ability to communicate with people.

Best Matches

The main feature of the application is that a unique algorithm is chosen by people who fit your requirements and categories. You can easily connect to communication and find the location of people on the map: rate girls and guys to chat and share emoticons. Here you can start chatting and learn a lot about other people. 

In particular, the primary social significance of this application is the ability to find exciting people who are close to you quickly. Thanks to this, you can make an appointment after just a few comments in a private chat. Also, you don’t have to wait long for a response from various people as the notification system will let them know that you are interested in communicating.


  • free Android dating app;
  • millions of people who are waiting for your activity;
  • daily selection of profiles and the ability to rate photos;
  • chat for communication and dating;
  • the VIP status for unlimited connection.
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