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One Security is an Android application that will speed up smartphone performance and optimize various processes on mobile devices.

Security algorithm

The free utility is designed for system scanning and vulnerability analysis. The application helps to find viruses, spyware, and other malicious files. The database contains all variants of malicious code that are instantly blocked and quarantined. To scan the operating system, you need to click on the orange button in the center of the screen. The algorithm will automatically check all malicious elements and allow you to remove them from your device.

Junk clean

In addition to the search and removal of viruses, the utility allows you to analyze garbage on the hard drive and delete it. It can be duplicate files, application cache, and other options. After the application analyzes the disk subsystem, you can select what you want to delete permanently.

Battery saver & Cooler

A large number of simultaneously running applications can reduce the battery life of the device. The utility allows you to unload all existing utilities from RAM and improve performance quickly. 

Also, it will affect the battery life of the device; deactivation of unnecessary programs will help reduce the temperature of the processor and extend the life of all components. Settings contain several modes of device intelligent analysis and the ability to optimize various processes for cleaning RAM.


  • utility for removing viruses and malicious code;
  • free memory analysis and disk cleanup;
  • option to reduce temperature and accelerate devices;
  • power-saving mode and lowering the voltage;
  • the utility is compatible with current versions of Android.
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